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Get to Know Us

Welcome to Suzanna Copp Psychology, a haven for healing and personal growth. Our aim is to provide a safe space dedicated to providing top-tier therapy and assessment services. Our focus spans trauma, grief, relationships, and inner well-being.


Embodying professionalism, trust, compassion, connection, and awareness to encourage personal and emotional healing and growth, we're here to guide you through your journey. In addition to therapy services, we recognise the difficulty for parents in accessing services to assist their children. We therefore offer a warm, calm environment for parents and their children to explore and asses autism. This service is available for primary school aged children.  We are passionate and committed to supporting families in this process.


Our services are designed to address a range of emotional and psychological needs, providing clients with the support and guidance they require on their journey towards healing and personal growth.

Woman engaged in a therapy session, sitting comfortably in a cozy room with soft lighting, engaged in a conversation with a caring therapist

Individual Therapy

Explore your unique journey towards wellbeing. Awareness allows change and growth. Our therapist provides a safe space to address trauma, mood/emotion regulation, loss, grief, relationship difficulties and anxiety.

A happy couple walking hand in hand along the beach, enjoying the serene atmosphere and each other's company.

Couples Therapy

Strengthen bonds and foster healthy communication. Our experienced psychologist guides couples through challenges, building trust and effective communication of needs to deepen connection.​

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